For Sale in California: a later work of Frank Lloyd Wright.


California’s seminal role in the history of modernism has been well documented. Now you can buy a piece of that history (provided you have about $2.7 mill and a strong, unyielding passion for modernist history). Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fawcett House, nestled in California’s Central Valley, is about 3,700 square feet and sits on 80 acres of farmland (and don’t forget the walnut orchard). It has five bedrooms, a wine cellar, tractor bay, koi pond, aviary and (very angular) outdoor pool. But more than that, it has Frank Lloyd Wright’s look, feel and style. Designed in 1955, when Wright was 87, the house was created for Randall and Harriet Fawcett who felt that California’s Central Valley was an ideal spot for the master’s work. Wright certainly used the landscape to inform the look and feel of the home, which was finished in 1961, two years after Wright’s death. To learn lots more about this icon of American modernism (including how to buy it), visit this site.