Frank Lloyd Wright prefab?


Designed and built by graduate students at Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture school in Arizona), Taliesin Mod.Fab is a prototype prefab house that combines Wright’s principles of architecture with some green design. Mod.Fab can be built on or off the grid and uses fixtures like rainwater harvesting, grey-water reuse and natural ventilation. They estimate that the one-bedroom, 600-square-foot structure would sell for $100,000, though it’s not in production yet. (It is included in the Desert Shelter Tour at Taliesin West through April 25. And you might recognize some of the furniture, as it’s on loan from us here at DWR.) Or, if you really must have a piece of Wright’s legacy, for slightly more money (just $2.7 mill.) you could own the Fawcett House, which appears to still be on the market.