National Planter Project: Adam Ehlmann of South Florida.

“We need Bromeliads!” This was landscape designer Adam Ehlmann’s response to our challenge of filling our Liscio and Vaso Rettangolare Illuminated Planters with some tropical color to capture the vibe of Southern Florida. “Bromeliads are one of my personal favorites,” explains the designer who works for Craig Collins International, “because of their amazing color in foliage and flower, their toughness and the immense variety of species available.” With the help of Jorge Rodriguez at local nursery Sunshine Bromeliads, he chose several smaller neoregelias (a.k.a, “neos”), which are a type of Bromeliad. Rodriguez offers some tips for keeping neos happy: Different varieties require different light levels for optimal color, so be aware of what you’re buying. And be sure not to over-water – they don’t like sitting in pools, a little spray on the leaves is nice though. As far as planters go, Ehlmann was especially pleased with the Liscio’s illuminated quality in the courtyard of their office, “it really adds to the lights we have strung around the trees.”

Potting day

Tropical color
Interior door
Courtyard at night