National Planter Project: Desert delights.

With over 30 years of experience in landscape architecture, William Kopelk, the founder of InsideOutside in Palm Springs, has an intimate understanding of the modern desert garden – he was hired to revamp the garden at Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House. “For that project, I employed my classic four-step approach to customize the gardens for my client; Analyze, Evaluate, Create a Design Solution and Implement. The result was a total utilization of ground and air.” He took the same approach with our New Pot 50 Planter. We asked him to fill it with plants that thrive in the Palm Springs desert. His first stop was Moorten Botanical Garden. “They’ve been here in the desert since 1938,” explains Kopelk. There he chose Echeveria Lucita (a hybrid of Echeveria runyonii) and Aloe nobilis (Gold Tooth Aloe). “Both do well in protected areas and require little water. The Aloe’s flower attracts hummingbirds in the summer.” As a trick to ensure good drainage – crucial for keeping these plants happy – Kopelk used plastic packing peanuts inside a mesh bag beneath the soil. This desert-happy planter now sits on the patio of Palm Spring’s Towers Condominiums.

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