Adventures in design at ICFF.

For the design-minded, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is pretty much a great time. Not only did DWR host five events over the course of the week, but there were some outstanding things to check out at the show itself. A few highlights follow. 

Graypants is a Seattle-based architecture and design firm, created with the intention of making a difference through design. Their Scrap Lights (below) are brilliantly crafted from salvaged pieces of corrugated cardboard.

The Japan by Design exhibit was also pretty cool. The exhibit was organized around a series of themed pods. The “folding” pod had these neat aluminum cans. The cans’ surfaces had been folded and crimped into a beautiful and functional pattern.


The “knots” pod had these delicate and sculptural fly fishing hooks.


I like the way the structure of Takumi Shimamura’s clear umbrella is expressed, with its transparent skin. The whole exhibit was incredibly innovative.


During an event on May 7, students from Parsons’ illustration class worked some of their magic on the windows of our DWR: Tools for Living store in SoHo. Store manager Dan Murphy commented that “Everybody had fun at this great event. It was inspiring to witness the creative process of the students as they transformed the windows into an amazing work of art.”

TFL-Parsons window
TFL-Parsons window students

Posted by Chris Hope, VP of Marketing