Good, sound design.


El Paso, Texas-based musician Jay Hardtke didn’t realize how versatile his Toto Cube Lamps would be when bought them. “They’re certainly a mixture of function and aesthetics,” he says. “The soft glow fills up space warmly, and I can use them to sit on or as end tables.” Hardtke uses the multifunctional piece as a perch for practicing his craft. He sees a parallel between fine craftsmanship in furniture as well as guitars: “As much as I like modern, clean design, I gravitate towards old guitars, old Gretsches in particular. I had Saul Koll repair a few of my guitars and liked his work so much that I decided to have him build two for me, which are really amazing instruments. You can tell they were made by someone – the imperfect quirks from being handmade give them a soul that big factory guitars just don’t have.” Check out some of Jay Hardtke’s music here.