DWR: Tools for Living SoHo Artist Window Series, No.1

Last weekend's inaugural installation of the Tools for Living SoHo Artist Window Series had tourists and tried-and-true New Yorkers alike stopping to gawk on Wooster Street. Running with a “Summer in the City” theme, artist Damon Johnson decked out the Wooster Street windows with huge cartoon pigeons and thorny, technicolor roses. His signature “Urban Surrealism” packs the perfect punch to set off the summer season in SoHo.

June Window 13

Johnson was born in New York City in 1978 (and happens to be the son of New York Post gossip king Richard Johnson). His unique form of painting has clearly been influenced by his urban surroundings, blending aspects of street art and graffiti, comic book illustration, abstract expressionism and hand-painted digital pixelization. While Johnson has exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, he has also stayed true to his roots, with installations in nightclubs, murals, various street projects with spray paint, stenciled twitters and wood boards affixed to NYC street signs. His artwork is gritty, strong and honest – fantastic cartoon portraits that reference Gahan Wilson, R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson and Jean Michel Basquiat. In the New York metropolitan area his work has been seen at the Chelsea Art Museum and in countless alternative art spaces and nightclubs such as Half Gallery, Eleven, NA, Pink Elephant and Quo. Johnson attended New York University. 

June Window 16
June Window 22
Stop by every month to see a new artist interpret the Tools for Living SoHo windows. Johnson’s “Summer in the City” installation can be seen at our store at 142 Wooster Street until July 10, 2009. Learn more about Damon Johnson here.

Posted by Molly Quirk, DWR: Tools for Living