The people behind (and in) the chairs.


Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to some of the folks at Design Within Reach. In the “hot” seat this week is Ben, who’s in charge of choosing Outdoor products.

“When I came on board, I realized we had no classics in outdoor, which was weird. The Adirondack is the classic outdoor chair. This one by Loll is an awesome, all-weather, totally post-consumer material chair. It is so classic and so modern. You can leave it outside year after year and all you have to do is hose it off after the winter. I’m partial to the green one, and the guys at Loll are totally about being ‘green’ – they use recycled materials, their facility is all about the environment and, as I discovered recently, they also like green beer. I had a few Green Flash IPAs with these guys on a recent trip. They’re totally magnetic, very human guys. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing business with a designer or manufacturer who I don’t trust. These guys, and their Adirondack Chair, are the real deal.”

– Ben G. DWR Outdoor Dept.