DWR People: He Knows Prefab.


This summer we’re introducing you to some of the folks at Design Within Reach. In the “hot” seat this week is Dow, who’s in charge of contract sales, including our prefab solution called Kithaus.

“Each prefab Kithaus that I’ve sold has been unique in the solution it provided for the client. The end uses have included a meditation room, kids’ playroom, home office and exercise room. I even sold one to a woman who wanted to give her husband a place to enjoy his cigars. She turned a Kithaus into a ‘smoke shack’ for her husband, complete with a flat screen TV.
“What most customers are surprised by is the speed of installation. We’re talking two days. If you want the K4 model with kitchen and bath, that takes only five or six days, which is so much better than having your life disrupted by six months of construction. Most places won’t require a permit for the Kithaus K3, but even in places like Los Angeles, where permit requirements are challenging, we’ve successfully completed Kithaus projects.”

– Dow O. DWR Contract Sales Dept.