Optimism is the new black.

Here at the Philadelphia Studio, we’re definitely in agreement with Adam Garcia of 160over90, our local winner of the Paulistano Uncovered Design Competition, that “happiness is where you find it.” His design for a new cover for the classic Brazilian sling chair, called Optimism Script (below), gave us something to smile about. Local designers filled the Studio last week to celebrate DWR’s newest design competition, which was started to celebrate innovative emerging designers and held at five Studios nationally.


A bit more about the winning entry from its designer, Adam Garcia: “A contemporary take on Paulo Mendes da Rocha’s iconic Paulistano, the Optimism Script chair is a testament to happiness. A whimsical contrast to the strict and functional modernism of the late-1950s International Style, this hand-drawn pattern consists of motivational sayings, meditative words and overall positivity to literally surround you with joy. The illustration is a hybrid of calligraphy and graffiti, ‘calligraffiti’ if you will. If Optimism is the New Black, it’s good, because happiness transcends trend. Bring some joy to your home.”


All photography by Tom Ammon of 160over90.

Posted by Kristen Mattioni, Studio Proprietor, Philadelphia