Now in Dallas: Take a magazine, leave a magazine.

Last night saw the kick off a brand new concept at the Dallas Studio. The idea is simple: In an effort to build both community and inspiration, we’ve launched the Dallas Magazine Exchange. Stop in to borrow one of many design-oriented magazines or leave a few that you have around and just don’t have the heart the throw away.


The launch event was a huge success. It was great to see people walking in with bags and arms full of magazines. One client actually had an SUV full of design magazines (above). Still to be delivered is seven years of Architectural Record, and two years of Art Forum. They just keep coming! Everyone that attended was excited about the project and we kept hearing things like, “I have to tell my designer friend about this” or “Susie needs to come here and look through these.” We’re looking forward to meeting a ton of new people as the library grows. And with everyone spending some extra time off this holiday, it a perfect opportunity to stop by and pick up some great design mags to read.

Posted by David Goltl, Proprietor, Dallas Studio