DWR: Tools for Living SoHo Artist Window Series, No. 7.

New York’s chilly weather and falling snow inspired our latest DWR: Tools for Living SoHo window, “Modern Snowflakes.”


This window is the work of artist Mika Osborn, who was recommended to us by our good friend James Victore. Mika was born and raised in Tokyo by her Japanese mother (a writer, producer and stained-glass designer) and American father (a commercial photographer). At the age of 15, Mika wanted to explore her American roots and decided to continue her studies in the U.S. She enrolled in a small boarding school in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and that’s when this Tokyo girl got in touch with her hippie side. Later, while attending college in California as a Communications major, she developed a passion for art and design. She transferred to the School of Visual Arts in New York City and graduated as a Graphic Design major in 2009. She is now working in Philadelphia.

Posted by Dan Murphy, DWR: Tools for Living, SoHo