If Charles Eames had owned a cat, he would’ve designed this.


The unsightly kitty privy is a challenge every cat-owner struggles with: where in your home can you stash the purple, plastic, Barney of a litter box? Fortunately, the genius designers of the ModKat Litter Box have given us a solution. This sleek box, which The New York Times called “the iPod of litter boxes,” is modern, functional and very smart. I’ve put it to the test (or rather, my cat has) and I’m smitten. The modern aesthetic works beautifully in my home, and box’s flip-top lid and handy scoop make it easy to empty. Unlike any other litter box I’ve seen, ModKat has a “rooftop” entry lid, which ensures privacy for your kitty and keeps unsightly unmentionable things from view. Plus, the perforated surface helps prevent litter from scattering all over your floor. When kitty jumps out of the hole and onto the perforated lid, stray bits of litter fall back into the box, which is like having a built-in litter-catching matt. But don’t just take my cat’s word for it: the ModKat Litter Box has recently received a “red dot design award.” What do you think – should we add this to the DWR assortment?