DWR Planters Project.


Our second annual Planters Project is underway. We’ve teamed up with some of the best garden artists and landscape architects in the country to bring you inspiring ideas for your space. Using a DWR planter as their canvas, five teams of creative green thumbs will present their work at a local DWR Studio.


First up is Cactus Jungle, Nursery and Garden, a Berkeley business that grows its plants using 100% natural and certified organic fertilizers and ingredients in their soil mixes.

Owners Hap Hollibaugh and Peter Lipson have been growing cactus and succulents for more than 20 years, and Hap’s interest in these plants goes back to when he was living in Alaska and a moose broke into his family’s greenhouse. The succulents survived the attack, and Hap’s been a fan of these hardy plants ever since. For our project, they transformed our illuminated Vaso Rettangolare Planter with different types of succulents. Photos courtesy of Peter Lipson.

The plants used are: Aeonium subplanum; Aeonium decorum “Tricolor”; Aeonium “Schwartzkopf” – Black Rose; Antimima granitica; Crassula nudicaulis; Echeveria imbricata; Echeveria “Metallica”; Euphorbia tirucallii – Pencil Cactus, Milk Bush, Firesticks; Sedum kimnachii; Sedum makinoi “Ogon”.



Plant designer Ali Ruffins of The Plant Gallery has transformed a selection of Illuminated Planters at our New Orleans Studio.


“My love for New Orleans architecture and the beautiful gardens are my muse for creating my designs that blend colors, textures and provide interest,” said Ruffins. “From the long blades of Iris to the magnificent oaks, the colorful houses of the Marigny [neighborhood], and the sweet smell of magnolias in the air combined with modern design accentuate any living space that evokes an eclectic and creative soul.”

Shown left to right: Liscio Planter with Magnolia Tree; Vaso Rettangolare Planter with Louisiana walking iris; Large Bordato Planter with Live Oak, Spanish moss, Dwarf Mondo grass and pavers; Small Bordato Planter with Palmetto and green moss.