How does that sofa make you feel? Therapist wins Mad Men contest.

When our Mad Men contest winner told us that he thinks DWR catalogs are kind of like mid-century pornography – pages of glossy, artful photographs of modern objects of desire – we knew we'd enjoy meeting him. We invited our winner, Dr. Mark Adams, to our Austin Studio where he posed for us (clothes on) on the loveseat version of the Raleigh Sofa, one of the many items that he won.

The winner of our Get the Look of Mad Men Sweepstakes, Dr. Mark Adams, in our Austin Studio. Photo by Eric Bricker, director of Visual Acoustics.

Adams is a fan of the mid-century modern look of the Mad Men set designs, and first became interested in the show in 2007. "I was drawn in by the comparison to The Sopranos, which ended that same year, leaving a void in the pop culture terrain." His interest in modern furniture and design began in the 1990s, and the first DWR Studio he visited was in Boston.

His favorite piece of mid-century modern furniture, however, isn't in our assortment (thanks, Mark), but we agree, a Heywood Wakefield coffee table that spins like a Lazy Susan is a pretty sweet piece to own. (He made this score on eBay after he completed his doctoral dissertation.) Fortunately, this table will look quite smart with Adams' new Mad Men-inspired living room, which was the grand prize of our contest and includes most of the items shown below.

The Grand Prize: Raleigh Sofa, Raleigh Armchair, Skagen Nesting Tables, Skagen Coffee Table, Strata Rug and AJ Floor Lamp (not shown).

It's not every day that we speak to a therapist (well, perhaps that's not 100% true) so we took this opportunity to talk shop with the doc (aka Bert Cooper, since that's the character he thinks he's the most similar to). "Which Mad Men character is most in need of therapy?" we asked. To which he replied:

"Don Draper, especially in the current season, but he is not the sort of man who would engage in psychotherapy (unlike Tony Soprano). Betty Draper was actually in psychoanalysis in an earlier season, but reflecting the complicated gender issues in the show, the analyst reported to Don on the sessions. The characters who I think would make good psychotherapy cases would be Peggy Olson, Joan Harris, Salvatore Romano and Bert Cooper."

Thanks, doc. And be sure to let us know how that sofa makes you feel.

-Gwendolyn Horton

P.S. The contest also included four winners of Mad Men Seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD. Congratulations to Nicolas Bajwa, Anchorage, AK; Terry Graham, Andalusia, AL; Aimie Aronica, Emerald Hills, CA; and Samantha Humphreys, West Hollywood, CA.

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