DWR Design Gallery Honorable Mention

DESIGNER: Meg Crosby

Here is another entry that received an Honorable Mention for its extraordinary use of color, light, proportion… and freaking awesomeness. “This is the design of my home,” wrote Meg Crosby. “It is an unfinished project, and will always be a work in progress.” She lists her design inspirations as mid-century modern, Danish modern, items picked up when traveling in Europe and Asia, and objects from the 1970s (her early childhood). What caught our eye about her work is how she creates vignettes – like the elephant who appears to be walking in circles on her Platner Coffee Table, or the #4 jars on her Pool Table. They’re like little snippets pulled from a painting or photograph, each one with a story to tell. Congratulations Meg on creating a lovely, warm and interesting home. Other items shown include: Neo Sectional with Chaise, Risom Lounge Chair, Risom Stool, and Sheepskin Throw.