Milan: Day Five – The inspiring studio of Achille Castiglioni.

We had a tour of Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni today — the actual space where Castiglioni worked — and it was one of the most inspiring studios I've ever seen. You must, must, must see this space if you are ever in Milan. The tour was led by Castiglioni's daughter Giovanna (front row, center) who shared the process by which her father worked. For example, he filed each project in a kraft box (behind us in photo) and stamped it with a number.



Giovanna also told us that the name for the Taraxacum Lamp (shown above, as seen through a window in his studio) comes from the Latin word for "dandelion"

Taking photos is not permitted in the studio, but the courtyard had many beautiful features, like the ceiling (above) and trompe l'oeil (below).