The new DWR corporate headquarters.

We have moved into our sun-filled fabulous space in the former Yale & Towne lock factory in Stamford, Connecticut. The Aeron Chairs are from Herman Miller® (special offer: save 15% on Aeron this week only); and we still have our Tolomeo Desk Lamps, which we brought with us from San Francisco. MORE PHOTOS…


The desks are from Knoll® and yes those things that look like robots clapping are monitor arms for our computers.


Our dining area is outfitted with Kayu Teak Tables111 Navy Chairs®, 1006 Navy® Stools and Boulevard Bar-Height Tables. It’s a great space and we’re very happy to be here. Ever wished you could work for DWR? Check out our career opportunities at the corporate office and in DWR Studios across the country.