From forgotten ruin to the setting of our August catalog.


Todd Goddard and Andrew Mandolene were looking for a mid-century home to restore, but when they first saw this structure, which had water dripping through ceiling fixtures and a partially collapsed roof, they were apprehensive. They tracked down the architect, Arthur Witthoefft, who built this home in 1957 and lived in it for 32 years.

Witthoefft was heartbroken to hear about the neglect, but he assured the men that the damage wasn’t that bad. “You have a welded steel frame built on solid rock,” Witthoefft remembers telling them. “You’re fine.” Two years later, Goddard and Mandolene complete their meticulous restoration – they insisted on using original materials – and the home was recently added to the National and New York State Registers of Historic Places. Witthoefft, 92, and still practicing, was on hand for the celebration. “It’s beautiful,” he said. 

Architect Arthur Witthoefft pictured inside the Armonk, NY home he designed in 1957.

In 1989, the Witthoeffts sold their beloved home and moved to Florida. The property then went through a series of owners, and this is how it looked when Mandolene and Goddard arrived.

On a rainy day in May, we arrived with two trucks of furniture to photograph our August catalog in this incredible home.

The DWR crew setting up a shot for our August catalog.



See our August catalog.

  • john waddy

    that house is wonderful!!!!!
    I have some freinds in birmingham alabama that
    have done an incredible resoration on a similar flat roofed mid century modern home, that would compete with it nail for nail, weld for weld,,,it could be the next location shoot…