I love my Vipp towels.

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 11.49.06 AM
I know I’m biased since they are a DWR product, but I honestly think these are the best towels ever made. I just got mine last week and I’ve been telling strangers about them. (Who needs a copy of “How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends” when you’ve got Vipp towels?) Soft without being annoyingly plush, they are the perfect weight when wrapped around your head to dry your hair (your neck will thank you). Plus, they dry super fast which is crucial in humid Connecticut weather. And the bath

towel is just the right size – it’s large enough to keep your modesty intact without swallowing you like a bath sheet. And because of this perfect size, it fits nicely on the towel bar. I know it’s a bit nutty to be so crazy about towels, but when it comes to products we use every day, isn’t it nice to have them be well designed?