“The design of furniture, unlike architecture, is quick nourishment.” –Frank Gehry

Frank O. Gehry has made us rethink museums, music halls and even chairs. A Pritzker Prize winner – and arguably one of the greatest living architects and designers – Gehry is continually giving us things to analyze, admire and enjoy. His love of Picasso and of cubism is expressed in the shapes he creates, both of which can be seen in his simple Left Twist Cube (2004). Available in bright cheery colors (as well as in black, white and grey) this Cube can be used anywhere, from patio to playroom to bathroom or den.

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And it works beautifully as a seat, side table or footstool. The colors were inspired by a giant flower sculpture in Paris, which Gehry designed for French artist Sophie Calle. This weatherproof Cube was designed for the company Heller, who asked him simply "to create furniture as unique and beautiful as his buildings.” The Cube is made in U.S.A.

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