DWR lighting at Whole Foods.

The market Whole Foods recently opened its first location in Oklahoma, and to set the casual, hip tone they were looking for, they chose our Coral Pendants for lighting. Designed by David Trubridge, this Pendant was inspired by the repeating patterns of ice crystals that Trubridge saw in Antarctica, and by the patterns he saw in underwater coral. Such

inspirations are the norm for Trubridge, who spent years studying nature before creating this Pendant, which echoes natural patterns and uses a minimum amount of materials for maximum effect. Trubridge wants his footprint on earth to be like a sailboat that slips through the water but leaves no trace after it has gone. The analogy is fitting for a designer who holds a naval architecture degree and lived on a boat for four years, sailing from Britain to New Zealand. En route, Trubridge worked with limited facilities and supplies, but these experiences taught him about economy and creative design. This light ships unassembled to reduce packing materials.