Our Holiday Wish Lists: Jae Hah

Barry and Jae

Job: Northeast Area Manager

Favorite Holiday Song: An old Johnny Cash Christmas record I found in a vintage store in Kewaskum, Wisconsin while I was visiting my husband's family one year. I'm not sure what the title is because the cover was in tatters when I found it. That's my soundtrack of choice during the holidays (especially while housecleaning).

Best Holiday Treat: "Dduk Guk," a Korean soup made of savory rice cakes and stuffed dumplings in beef broth traditionally consumed on the morning of New Year's Day. My mom only makes it once a year, and although it can be ordered at Korean restaurants anytime, her version is obviously the most delicious.

Wish List: The Grasshopper Floor Lamp designed by Greta Grossman is on my wish list, in Blue Grey. It reminds me of a louche, worldly woman. Or a dandy silent film star with jazz hands. Or, The Thinker. It has so much personality that it trips off a reel of delightfully anthropomorphic images in my mind every time I look at it. And the understated, perfect color. I want all the walls in my house to be that color; Benjamin Moore doesn't quite have it down. It's the new neutral.