In today’s New York Times.

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Our Chimney Humidifier made its New York Times debut today in Play Misty for Me. In the article, industrial designer Leon Ransmeier seeks to remedy the chronically overheated New York apartment, and goes shopping for humidifiers.

Rima Suqi writes, "Mr Ransmeier's favorite humidifier – the one he owns – was the Chimney by Takeshi Ishiguro, at Design Within Reach. 'It looks like an industrial smokestack, and it works like one, too,' he said. 'The mist comes out so far away from the ground that you'll never get any condensation.' 'And while 'a pluming smokestack is a strange reference for something that is supposed to make your health better,' he acknowledged, 'I still think it's a beautiful object.'"

The Chimney Humidifier battles bone-dry apartments silently and stylishly. What do you think of humidifiers – do they make your winters more liveable?