The Edelmans in House Beautiful.

On newsstands now, the April issue of House Beautiful magazine features our CEO John Edelman's Connecticut residence. Written by Dylan Landis, "The Warm Side of Modern" shows how Edelman and his wife Bonnie have mixed modern classics and unique pieces, resulting in an inviting and eclectic atmosphere.

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Photograph by Francesco Lagnese, courtesy of House Beautiful.

Find out how to get the Edelmans' entryway look:

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Hanging over the Edelmans' entryway is the Superordinate Antler Pendant 12x. In the article, Landis asks Bonnie Edelman about her inclusion of spiky pieces in each room, to which she replies, "You noticed! I grew up in a 900-square-foot apartment in New York City where the kitchen faced a brick wall, and one day my mother, who is an architect, went out and painted a huge sun on that wall. So I'm always drawn to anything sun- or star-shaped." This bold antler chandelier brings some spikiness to the otherwise round and symmetrical entryway.

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The Rangoli rug, inspired by classic Hindu mosaics, adds some earthy elegance. Neutral colors tone down the rug's lively pattern, allowing the Rangoli to work in many environments. Bonnie Edelman says that "A neutral palette makes me feel calm. It makes me feel safe," to which John adds, "We wanted to keep it warm and familial. We used a lot of leather, and leather looks best in those leathery colors."

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Two Saarinen Executive Armchairs in a brown-golden leather with metal legs flock the entryway table, providing symmetry and a welcoming invitation to guests.

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The Edelmans decorate their entryway table with a variety of objects including flowers, feathers, vitrines, and a curvaceous horse figurine created by Costa Rica-born artist Marcela Ganly. She forms her bronze sculptures though the ancient lost wax casting technique.