Refined homes for Peter, Polly, Fluffy and Spot.


While wandering around Salone, Chimère’s modern domiciles for animals caught our eye. The name Chimère means “fantasy” or “dream” in English but also relates to the word “chimera” – a mythical creature combining parts of several animals. In this case, the company’s logo combines the head of a rabbit, tail of a fish and body of a cat. Founded by Frederic Stouls and Marc Ange, it is Ange’s agency Bloom Room that designs Chimère’s dream-like objects, with material interest and sophisticated form in mind.

Chimere_rabbit hutch
Rabbit Hutch.


 Chimere_doghouseA house for a small dog or cat.

To date its collection includes a sleek rabbit hutch, a rocking birdcage, a cozy nook for a small dog or cat and a litter box on legs. Sadly, our creative director was a bit disappointed when he noticed there weren’t any homes large enough to house his Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Perhaps a prototype is in the works.