So You Want to Be a Product Designer?

"Designing furniture is not exactly the same thing as designing a product, even if that product happens to be furniture," writes Martin C. Pedersen in Metropolis Magazine. "No, this is not a riddle or an industrial-design koan," he continues, "but a distinction between the creation of glorious, messy, inspired one-offs (god bless them) and products intended for mass consumption (or at least batches larger than ten)."

So begins the introduction to "So You Want to Be a Product Designer?" — a special feature in the May issue. Seven "talent scouts" are interviewed for the piece, including DWR's John Edelman and Kari Woldum. Read their advice for getting your designs out of the studio and onto the market. And check out their Q&A on the Metropolis blog.

So You Want to Be a Product Designer? appeared in the May issue of Metropolis.