Meet the Live/Work Contest Finalists: Colleen Whiteley.


Colleen and Eric’s design days started with a silly sketch on a dorm door, and through the years came more ideas, and more sketching. In 2010, Colleen and Eric finally launched their design studio where they create “expressive minimalism” and scrutinize details of every project while still allowing the concept to take the lead.

The design for Hold on Tight is a shelf combined with an adjustable book end to keep your books standing. Colleen and Eric were passionate about their idea from the beginning and say the process was a challenging but exciting one. They fabricated their own custom hardware like the cube and the wall bracket, as well as the form for the wingnut, which was hand carved by Eric. While experimenting with the idea of Hold on Tight, Colleen and Eric found that they always ended with the simplest idea, which has defined their design ideology.