Spotted in Our August Catalog: Swissted Posters.

Above: Gorilla Biscuits is featured on page 7 of our August catalog.

As the owner of Stereotype Design – a New York City-based graphic design studio that develops projects for commercial, cultural and corporate clients – Mike Joyce is postering the walls of modern homes with music history. By branding bands with new personas, his Swissted Poster Project is both renewing public interest in seminal music acts and documenting the roots of today's most pervasive genre: indie rock.

"The project has a fiendishly simple premise: Joyce combs through flyers of old-school punk, hardcore, and indie rock shows, retains the vital info, and uses that text to create Swiss Modernist-style posters that often incorporate geometric patterns," says Reyan Ali of the The Village Voice. Joyce says his posters reflect "his love of punk rock and Swiss Modernism, two movements that have (almost) nothing to do with one another." And while this may be true on the surface, judging by his overwhelming success, perhaps it's in their relative obscurity that commonality exists.

Here are a few of our favorites …

Agent_orange_2    Tsol_with_others2    Rem

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