A Glass of Wine, a Weekly Ritual and a Signature Dish: How CA Home+Design magazine’s Executive Editor Erin Feher Dines and Entertains.


(Above: Erin Feher)

As our Pinterest contest “Set the Modern Table” with California Home+Design magazine wraps up, we sat down with Executive Editor Erin Feher to find out how she entertains and discovered why artichokes are the perfect way to break the ice.


DWR: What is the most creative space you've dined in?

Erin Feher: The old hacienda on the property of Scribe Winery, in a dining room decked out by designer and farm-punk goddess Erin Martin. We all sat around a beautiful custom table, and the crumbling walls were hung with eye-popping artwork –scrolls of nudes altered with electrical tape. 

DWR: Sunday brunch or weeknight dinner party? Which do you prefer and why?

EF: Weeknight dinner party for sure. It gives me something to scheme about during the day, and after a cocktail or two and a few hours of great conversation with friends, you could fool me into thinking it's actually a weekend. I know people rarely believe women who say this, but after a day of typing and phone calls and emails, chopping is completely meditative and relaxing – especially accompanied by a glass of wine. 

DWR: What is your favorite dish to serve at a dinner party?

EF: Steamed or roasted artichokes with my garlicky lemon aoli. Making your guests eat with their hands and lick their fingers immediately loosens them up. 

DWR: What was the last thing you ate?

EF: Aloo Gobi and Saag Paneer. At least once a week my husband and I eat at our favorite Indian place … usually on the days that I am so busy I don't even have a spare moment to daydream about cooking. Yesterday was one of those. 


We asked Feher which DWR products she would give to a host or hostess. Check out her picks below:


Girard Wooden Dolls      


Midas Carafes

  24274_Nov11_V3_014 (1)


Brass Bottle Opener


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