Why yes, the Bertoia Chair does kind of look like a dish rack.

This week’s Knoll® Sale has given me a chance to do some exploring into the history and legacy of the iconic company. I found a gem in a June 17, 1959 article in the New York Times. Florence Knoll, then president of Knoll Associates, Inc., tells the author, Rita Reif, about that time when she was hanging out in her kitchen with Harry Bertoia. “While holding a rubber-sprayed dish drainer,” Reif relates, “Mrs. Knoll asked the sculptor-designer whether this was not the ideal technique for treating his seating pieces. It was.”

Though it’s now coated in the more eco-friendly polyamide Rilsan, the Bertoia seating still looks great in a kitchen. Click here to learn more about Bertoia and see the collection (which is on sale until Sunday).