Form follows function – and a fabulous story.

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Le Corbusier and one of his assistants working under the light of a Lampe Gras, 1959

We are so excited to present the iconic Lampes Gras Collection, a DWR exclusive. 

This is not a lamp designed to satisfy the ego of a designer. Rather, it is the product of Bernard-Albin Gras’ passion to improve working conditions for hundreds of laborers in ordinary machine shops, research laboratories and design studios in the 1920s. His success in creating a beautiful form by reducing a lamp to its pure function made Lampe Gras an emblem of modern design in the early 20th century.

The architect Le Corbusier seized upon the design, which satisfied the demands of his ideology about the perfect object-tool: a form reduced to its pure function and free of superfluous ornament. Corbu furnished his design offices and architectural projects with Lampes Gras, and other early adopters included Eileen Gray, Man Ray and Robert Mallet-Stevens.

The unique cast steel frames of these lamps are made without screws or welded joints; all parts contribute to the maximum effectiveness of the whole.

The Lampes Gras Collection

Lampe Gras Model 205 Task Lamp  


Lampe Gras Model 215L Floor Lamp


Lampe Gras Model 214 Wall Lamp


Lampe Gras Model 201 Clamp Lamp



Lampe Gras Model 304 Sconce Lamp