BassamFellows’ black tie.


“When we launched BassamFellows in 2003, our whole thing was oiled teak and oxidized brass, but we were surrounded by bright plastics,” Craig Bassam told design writer Mandi Keighran last February. “We were this odd thing, this very natural thing. Craft wasn’t a word used much back then.”

While we at DWR might slightly disagree (we’ve been debating “hand-crafted” versus “handcrafted” at least since the late ’90s), we love how they’ve applied this craftiness to their Tuxedo Collection for Herman Miller®. Already renowned for plastics, Herman Miller’s partnership with BassamFellows represents a move toward the warmer and more rustic strands of modernism.

For the Tuxedo, Bassam explains: “We pared back all the unnecessary bulk and expressed the structure in an elegant way. We wanted it to ‘float’ off the floor creating visual lightness and air.” Warm and minimal – and a little bit fancy – the Tuxedo Collection, which is upholstered in soft and cozy wool blend fabric, is 15% off through December 10, part of the Herman Miller Sale.