Jill’s Favorite Gifts.


Jill, one of our design experts, has a background in graphic design, retail merchandising and customer service.
 "I have always been inspired by color and shape," she says. "My favorite color is pink. I love things that have a playful and quirky vibe." 

1. Kaleido Trays - They're perfect for my mom, and make a fun, festive pop for a holiday party.

2. Eames Elephant (in pink, of course) – This is such a memorable gift for my best friend to give her new     baby girl. How gorgeous would this be in the new nursery?

3. Girard Wooden Dolls – I would give this to myself so I could display the whole collection on my mantle.

4. Merino Wool Throw – My sister would fall in love with this blanket. I love the neon trend; the perfect     blanket with amazing color and contrast.

5. Eames Wire Base Low Table – My dad would really like this as a side table next to his favorite lounge     chair.