Krystina’s Favorite Gifts

Meet Krystina, from DWR Client Services

"I have traveled to Scandinavia where modern design saturates just about every space. I've developed a deep appreciation for it and try to bring aspects of it into my own home through DIY projects. I just moved to a new place so I have been completely consumed with decorating," she says.

1. Allen Log Carrier – This is a perfect gift for my dad who is constantly lifting firewood for the wood burning stove. And it also looks great when it isn't being used!
2. Etch Candleholder - Candles are a wonderful touch to any space. Pairing them with an item like the Etch Candleholder adds so much pizzazz to something so simple! Perfect gift for my friends.
3. Foldable Star Sculptures – These are fun and festive gifts, ideal for anyone planning to throw a holiday party. They make for a great table topper next to the punch bowl or cookie tray.
4. Lambswool Throw – This would be perfect for my mom who lives in the mountains. What better way to curl up in front of the fire than with a colorful, warm throw?
5. Metallic Leather Throw Pillow – I love how something so simple can make such a bold statement. These pillows add an edgy flare to any room.