Toronto: Where to find mid-century modern.

IMG_0938The DWR Studio in Toronto.

Vicky Sanderson of the Toronto Star has generously shared her must-shop list for mid-century modern in Toronto. We're thrilled to be included, and we love how she described the DWR Toronto Studio:

"If you are falling in love with modern design, Design Within Reach is a shrine at which you must worship. Take note that “within reach" means things not found elsewhere and things in stock, not necessarily within reach of your puny décor budget. But even if you don’t have $5,700 for an Eames Lounge and Ottoman, go to this store if you want to see best in class. Worried about snooty salespeople who will sniff you out as a neophyte and treat you accordingly? Not an issue. The staff is terrific, love to share their knowledge and won’t blush even if you ask a dumb question. I speak from experience."

Thank you, Vicky!