All that glitters in Milan.


Baccarat presents its Highlights Edition 2013 at the Palazzo Morando, Milano.

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Nervous Zenith by Louise Campbell for Baccarat

Designer Louise Campbell has created a new version of the iconic Zenith chandelier designed in the 19th century. Campbell maintained the classic Zenith form but added color, asymmetry and a few eccentric twists. Named Nervous Zenith, the push-pull feeling of this design certainly foreshadows the many future dinners to be hosted beneath its crystal branches.

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Nervous Zenith by Louise Campbell for Baccarat

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Galaxia by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Baccarat

The Campana brothers bring plaited wicker, bamboo branches and other natural fibers to their limited-edition works for Baccarat. "Crystal purifies light and its transparency reminds us of a form of spirituality," says Fernando Campana.

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Zenith le samedi by Philippe Starck for Baccarat

Designed by Philippe Starck, the Zénith le samedi is encircled by a neon Möbius strip created by the Ateliers de Feerick. "Like a grafitti artist’s tag suspended in space," says the Baccarat press release, "the light melds baroque grace with a techno-urban signature of modernity."

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Zenith sur la lagune by Philippe Starck and Aristide Najean for Baccarat

Combining Baccarat crysal and murano glass, the Zenith sur la lagune is the work of Philippe Starck and glass artist Aristide Najean. This hybrid approach to materials is expressed in the form of stag heads, which the Baccarat press release refers to as "three heads in the effigy of the king of the forest." The dreamlike result is sure to inspire spirited conversations by heady diners seated in Louis Ghost chairs.

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Tuile de Crystal by Arik Levy for Baccarat

Made with crystal tiles on a white metal canvas, these chandeliers by Arik Levy are the result of combining Crystalworks' know-how and state of the art technology. "The ideal light is simply one that we can feel," says Levy. "Crystal derives its strength from coming into contact with light. And vice versa."

Photo by Baccarat

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