Wows, wants and oh-mys from WantedDesign.

_1 Wanted
WantedDesign is an international design event in New York City. Now in its third year, this strongly curated exhibition continues to build on its reputation for being a must-see during Design Week, or NYCxDESIGN. Here are some of the highlights from this year's show.


How do you like your eggs? Made by the French company Metylos, the Paul Table is a combination of beech wood and felt.

_2 David Trubridge

New Zealand designer David Trubridge presented The Elements, an installation that incorporated a Swarovski crystal light fixture suspended over the angular carpeted planes of New Zealand's volcano, Mount Ruapehu. "The basis of all life on Earth is the eternal cycle of water," says Trubridge. "Evaporated from the oceans by the fire of the Sun, carried in the air to the mountains where it falls on the Earth as rain, running back to the ocean in rivers."



The AKMD Saddle Chair by Michael Dreeben and Ayush Kasliwal combines cast aluminum and saddle leather.


The Banana Light by Sebastian Beltran for Studio Roca. With a solid nod (and perhaps a hug) toward pop art, the designer has repaired part of one leg with an object that is "totally inadequate and yet functional."  Of course, a real banana wouldn't be functional at all, especially if you have a pet monkey, but it's a fun piece just the same.


Curated by RISD president John Maeda, Risk and Certainty in Uncertain Times was an exhibition by alumni of the Department of Furniture Design. Thonet No. 18, shown above, was designed by Matthias Pliessnig, RISD BFA 2003.


The Pixel Chair by Vivian Chiu, RISD BFA 2011.


The 3/1 Chair by Daniel Michalik, RISD MFA 2004.


The Street Football Seat Ball by Fabrica. Working out of a 1916 house in Guatemala City, architects Ana Gonzalez and Hubert Schoba combine age-old craft techniques with unconventional materials.


To create their Seat Ball they start with a soccer ball in the center and then add springs for comfortable suspension and tufted twine for upholstery.


I've been a fan of the ModKat Litter Box ever since I reviewed their product in 2010. Now they've created something for dog lovers called the Shake Dog Potty. The fact that it looks like a briefcase is pretty cool, and from the conversations I've had with dog owners who can't always make it home on time to walk Fido, this product is long overdue.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 5.08.15 PM

From chairs to volcanoes to bananas to litter boxes, there was something for everyone at this year's WantedDesign. Of course, DWR had a booth there too, which you can see here.

People waiting to get into the WantedDesign opening party.