Man with a plan: Julien De Smedt.

Julien De Smedt with Mike, an urban bicycle designed by his new enterprise, Makers With Agendas.

"We do not belong to a design style," says Julien De Smedt in his interview with Karen Wong of Architizer. "We don’t have aesthetic canons to respect or fellow designers to bow to, as we don’t see ourselves as part of those respectable spheres. I think being a maker is very liberating in many ways. We will engage in everything we want to and in nothing we don’t need to."

What Julien is describing above is the intent of his new research and development company called Makers With Agendas. This enterprise will differ from his firm JDS Architects in that the projects will be smaller in scale and approached with more freedom.

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 9.49.21 AM
The Iceberg by JDS Architects, a residential development in Aarhus, Denmark. Photo: Mikkel Frost

"With Makers With Agendas we get to pick the issues we want to tackle; we’re not tied to a limited site or location of reach, and we can truly let our minds and ideas expand," he says. "In some way I feel like those projects are in fact a lot bigger."

We congratulate Julien and his team on the MWA launch and look forward to seeing what they create. Read the full interview at

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A DWR favorite: Stacked Shelving designed by JDS Architects.