The Gift of Know-How: Style.


If you’re going to bitch, say it in Day-Glo pompoms. This sign is just one of the thinking-different twists in the offices of emerging design retailer Of a Kind. Co-founded by Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, this design-centric, story-telling business is the Style section of our Gifts of Know-How.


The idea for their business came from a desire to weave a story-telling component into the retail experience. “By telling the stories of the people who make the pieces we sell,” explains Claire, “we’re giving our audience a way to connect with these items in a meaningful way.”


Of a Kind has worked with more than 200 designers since they launched three years ago, and the experience has been win-win on both sides. “One of the most amazing experiences of this is being a small business that works with hundreds of other small businesses,” says Claire. “These designers are teaching us as much as we’re teaching them.”

“You will really see the sort of things that designers struggle with and how hard it is to market yourself and fund your business and keep it afloat,” adds Erica.

“It’s fun to look at the first designers we worked with and see where they are now,” says Claire. “It’s really satisfying to think that we might have helped them get there in some way.”

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Everything sold at Of a Kind is a limited edition, commissioned by Claire and Erica. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity that is signed the numbered by the designer.

Go to to learn more about Of a Kind and enter to win an Eames® Hang-It-All from DWR and a $500 gift certificate from Of a Kind. #dwrknowhow