Throwback Thursday: Le Corbusier’s vision of the future.


There he was on the cover of our January 2006 catalog, Le Corbusier, a modern sphinx seeming to peer into the future in a photo taken around 1935. That was about the time Corbu, tackling the challenges of furnishing his own apartment in Paris, was conjuring up the LC5.F, which served as both a sofa and, with the flip of the back cushions, a bed. It was ahead of its time, but maybe Le Corbusier could see that apartment dwellers of the future would also appreciate such a design. In 2006, the LC5.F was new at DWR, available only in black leather. Now we offer it in a range of Corbu colors. Give it a test-drive at the nearest DWR Studio, and sink into your future. Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 3.37.38 PM