Designing for a need… their own.

Illustration by Kathyrn Rathke, courtesy of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

“We never planned to be New Englanders. We were New Yorkers through and through,” writes Scott Fellows in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. Fortunately for modernists everywhere, he and his partner Craig Bassam made the move to New Canaan, Conn. Upon arrival, the design duo completely restored the Willis Mills House – saving it from destruction by neglect – and started designing their own furniture.

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Architect Willis Mills designed this New Canaan house for his family in 1956.

They needed “pieces that would hold their own against the powerful nature outside and the double-height glass walls,” explains Fellows. Thus, the furniture powerhouse called BassamFellows was born.

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 10.40.37 AM
Tractor Stool designed by BassamFellows.

Since 2003, Bassam and Fellows have been creating furniture they describe as Craftsman Modern, an approach that places traditional modernist principles – solid construction, utility, beauty without elaboration – alongside warmth and natural materials, believing that nature is a key part of luxury living. “Luxury has to be comfortable and has to be easy,” says Fellows.

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows at the Glass House by Philip Johnson. Photo: Gwendolyn Horton