American Design Hot List.


The American Design Hot List was announced today, a title that Sight Unseen describes as “an unapologetically subjective editorial award for the 25 names to know in American design.” Our burning question for these tastemakers was: What would you choose from DWR to pair with your own work? Their responses ranged from the Fernando the Fish Clock to the Barcelona Couch, but it’s clear that this is a group that appreciates the classics in authentic modern design.

Here are the products favored by the American Design Hot List to pair with their work:

Eames Aluminum Group
“The all-black Aluminum Group Lounge is murdered out and wonderful,” says Jonathan Nesci, a Hot List Designer who founded the industrial design company called Hale.

LC1 Sling Chair
Jonathan Muecke would pair Corbu’s Sling Chair with his work, and would like to explore an idea he has for “a composite tube chair for DWR, linking bent wooden sticks and steel tubes,” he says.

Womb Chair
“One of the first pieces that got me interested in furniture design was Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair, which I saw in person for the first time at DWR,” says Christopher Stuart of LUUR Design. “I haven’t designed a lounge chair yet, but have always wanted to.

Cherner Armchair
“I’m a sucker for chairs,” says Syrette Lew of Moving Mountains, “so I chose a couple of my favorite iconic ones that I’ve been coveting for over a decade. The Cherner, Era and Nakashima Straight Back chairs could all easily sit with my pieces.”

Artist: John Hogan

Royal System Shelving
John Hogan chose the Royal System Shelving as a product that would pair nicely with his work, which could someday include a glass storage system that he’d like to design for DWR. It would be a “muti-purpose tabletop storage system made of glass, and could be used for serving food or organizing objects.”

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