Meet the finalists!

Champagne Chair Entry by Ryan Bromm

Our annual Champagne Chair Contest is an awesome exploration in the creative potential of everyday materials (nothing like a bottle of bubbly to get the inspiration going), and this year’s entries did not disappoint. After careful consideration, and a bit of bickering, we’re pleased to announce the ten finalists.

Champagne Chair Entry by Jeffrey Burke Whitten
Champagne Chair Entry by Rick Arrowood
Champagne Chair Entry by Dima – it really swivels!
Champagne Chair Entry by D. Jason Crowder
Champagne Chair Entry by B. Hirschman
Champagne Chair Entry by Zach Martin
Champagne Chair Entry by Alison B
Champagne Chair Entry by David Ryan
Champagne Chair Entry by Cici Stevens

Thank you to everyone who entered! We know how challenging it is to make a Champagne Chair and you really impressed us this year. On February 11, our  judges will choose the three winners and the results will be posted the next day here on the blog. You can also follow the action on Instagram by searching for #dwrchampagnechair.

Now, who should win? Cast your vote by leaving a Comment below.

  • Robin Reich

    David Ryan should win!

  • Robin Reich

    David Ryan should win!

  • Ryan Bromm

    So awesome to be a part of the finals! Very thankful. I’m digging Dima and Cici’s chairs. Great job everyone they all look amazing!

  • Ryan Bromm

    So awesome to be a part of the finals! Very thankful. Im digging Dima and Cici’s chairs. Great job everyone they all look amazing!

  • Cate Gustafson

    Love the ‘PIPER’ by Jeffrey Burke Whitten

  • karenbjaz

    Love the clean, simple lounger by David Ryan!

  • Nicole Federici

    The CiCi Stevens chair- by far! Her design is completely original and uses the materials provided to best advantage. In fact, I’m convinced that the materials guided her design and that she would not have thought this chair up without the limitations of this contest. I love that! I have never seen a chair in the world like this one, and I could see it being made in real life. It would be lovely in a park, and would reference the dappled light through trees. Its light reflecting texture would attract sitters, and would allow the sitter a feeling of comfort and shelter, while providing an interesting view from inside the chair. My runner up would be the one by Alison B. because she referenced champagne itself in the design of her chair, and while it looks like just a chair with a bubble reference, I think her incorporation of the bubbles is elegant, and would be at home in anyone’s house. It would offer interest without being too “look at me”.

  • Tari Gordon

    My vote is David Ryan’s.

  • kp

    These are great!

  • Tim

    Ryan Bromm’s chair!

  • patrick

    i like how the whiten chair integrates and celebrates that this is a chair made explicitly from champagne materials. i also like that he seems to have thought about how this chair could be manufactured full scale and still be functional.

  • Megan Newton

    I vote for the chair by D. Jason Crowder. Awesome work!

  • H Ryan Bromm I vote for the chair by C.

  • Jennifer Cass

    Ryan Bromm’s is the coolest…love the recliner!

  • Ginger Lola

    My favourite is from Alison B. It was hard to choose, they are all so amazing. I love the swivel chair but I didn’t see much of the cork.

  • Lynne Pumpelly Wong

    CiCi Stevens’ chair, the design says champagne!

  • Dara G

    I agree Cici’s would be cool as a sort of sculpture in a park, but as a chair, I have to go with Ryan Bromm’s recliner. Love how the foot rest is suspended. They’re all super cool!

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