Dispatch from Spain:
Jon Gasca reporting

We invited our friend and colleague Jon Gasca to file a special report from Spain, where he lives and works. He and his family run Stua, the maker of modern furniture, including many pieces sold exclusively in the United States by DWR. Besides being a designer, Jon is an avid photographer and takes beautiful pictures wherever he goes. You can learn more about Stua on our website. But for now, sit back and enjoy Jon’s photos.


Buenos dias! My name is Jon Gasca and this is my home in San Sebastian, Spain. DWR invited me to put together a few images from my recent travels and share them on Design Notes. I appreciate the invitation and hope you enjoy the show.


I love how beautiful the Mediterranean Sea appears through the windows at the convention center in Aguilas, Spain. It makes the perfect backdrop for our Onda Stools, don’t you think? My father, Jesús Gasca, designed the Onda, as he did much of our Stua furniture.


Don’t you love this photo of Laclasica chairs and Lau tables at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian? It really shows how modern design can live in perfect harmony with a classic building, even one from the 1500s.


A design store named Pilma in Barcelona has a boutique dedicated to our Stua Collection. Stua stands for “solo tengo un amor,” which means, I have only one love. For me and my family, that one love is timeless design.


How would you like to take a dip in this pool in San Sebastian, and then sit down for lunch on one of our Globus chairs? I think I’ll join you! Our family company is located nearby and was founded by my father in the early 1980s.


The word “pastel” means the same in Spanish or English, making the Globus Chair equally at home in Barcelona or Chicago.


I like how our Eclipse Nesting Tables complete this comfortable living room in Barcelona. Makes you want to put your feet up, doesn’t it? I think I will do just that and sign off here. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my country and my family’s furniture. Thank you, DWR, for inviting me to share.