Highlights from Design Week: ICFF.

The annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is a wrap for 2015. Over the span of nearly three decades, this NYC event has gone from being a must-see to a must-miss and back again to a must-see. Here are a few highlights from the 700+ exhibitors from this year’s show.

The Sunnyside Collection. Photo by Jaime Viñas.

Congratulations to our friends at Loll Designs on receiving the ICFF Editors’ Award for Best Outdoor. The Sunnyside Collection is the result of a special collaboration between product designer Brad Ascalon and interior designer Ghislaine Viñas. Starting with the idea that “we all want to sit on the sunny side,” the designers created these pieces to bring the comforts of the indoors out, and in the process gave Loll its first upholstered collection.

Sunnyside in white and yellow is an egg-cellent choice. (Seriously, I think this is stunning, I couldn’t resist the pun.) Photo by Jaime Viñas.

Fully modular, Sunnyside can be configured to a variety of shapes, and Like everything by Loll, it is made in the U.S.A. with sustainable manufacturing processes.

Jasper Morrison with the Alfi Collection.

Emeco and Jasper Morrison introduce the Alfi Collection, designed with the conviction that what you don’t see is as important as what you do see. Alfi reflects Emeco and Morrison’s common appreciation for the invisible qualities behind simplicity.

The Alfi Collection by Jasper Morrison and Emeco.

Made of reclaimed and responsibly selected materials, engineered for comfort and strength and designed to be humble and timeless, Alfi embodies these hidden values.

Special edition Pelican Chair in Asger Jorn textile to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Danish architect Finn Juhl (1912–1989) was a fan of the work of Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914–1973), and had several Jorn drawings in his home. Their work is now combined in this special edition of the Pelican Chair, designed by Juhl in 1940. The textile, called Macbeth, began as a simple pencil sketch. It was turned into fabric as part of a special collaboration between Domicileculture and the Museum Jorn.

The drawing Macbeth, Asger Jorn, 1942. Pen, Indian ink, pencil. Courtesy of Museum Jorn.

The Danish manufacturer Onecollection is the only company that has the rights to produce authentic Finn Juhl furniture. Its relationship with the Juhl family began in 1998, when Hanne Wilhelm Hansen asked the company to make a sofa designed by her late husband. This initial request led to producing other items from the Juhl archives, including chairs, sofas and the beautiful Finn Juhl Credenza.

Finn Juhl Credenza (1955) produced by Onecollection.

At DWR, we carry the blue version of this credenza, but the yellow/red version is available upon request.

Slant Table by Phillip Jividen.

The Slant Table is the work of New York designer Phillip Jividen. Constructed of solid white oak with a Danish oil finish, it has a circular tabletop with gently concave surface. The sturdy base plays with the proportions of floorboard-like planks and a simple dowel cross brace.

ErgoErgo by Heller.

Calling all Ergomaniacs, this is the seat for you. I’m a huge fan of the ErgoErgo by Alan Heller, and at DWR headquarters, the Ergo is available for any employee who wants one. It’s fun to sit on, and it’s good for you to boot.

The entrance to ICFF at the Javits Center in NYC.

Did you catch ICFF this year? If so, what were some of your favorites?


  • Blair Mikels

    I was really captivated by KGBL and Todd St. John. Their pieces stood out from the pack.