Hello, Hi, Hay.

In the Playroom: Reid Sofa, Saarinen Table and Tulip Chair, Around Table, Spun Lamp, Stippen Rug

Stylist Marcus Hay is one of the masterminds behind the look of the rooms in our photographs. He also works with real-world clients, and we’re showcasing one of his recent projects here. These clients, clearly DWR fans, hired Hay to complete three rooms – playroom, den and guest room – in their Connecticut home.


The homeowners’ children had one request: Make it child friendly. “It’s easy to overestimate kids’ desire to grow up quickly,” says Hay. “The challenge here was to make it comfortable for the kids, but not something they’ll quickly outgrow.” While the bones of the room are timeless, Hay introduced artwork and small objects that can be updated as the kids get older.

The Playroom: Noguchi Table, Lampe Gras Lamp, Tamasyn Gambell Pillows, Table Globe, Girard Dolls


“The den took on a sleek, sexy vibe with its custom-made pool table and all-new light fittings,” says Hay. “Embracing the leather tiled floor, we wove in the homeowners’ beautifully worn Eames and Jacobsen leather chairs, as well as their incredible collections of photography, art and objects from around the world.” The result is a cozy space where the adults can relax after the kids have gone to bed.

The Den: Como Sofa, Eames Lounge, Line Wine Bar, Saarinen Coffee Table, Modo Chandelier, Broken Stripe Rug
The Den: Egg Chair, Line Credenza, Water Drop Jug, Sheepskin Throw, Foldable Star Sculpture


“This is a relaxing, luxurious space that I’m sure guests will now fight to stay in,” says Hay. “The room has new light fittings, wardrobe system and wallpaper by Eskayel, an amazing company from Brooklyn.” Like every design project, this one had several unexpected surprises, but Hay enjoys the organic experience and believes “you have to be open to changing things midway to create a better result.”

The Guest Room: Parallel Bed, Saarinen Table, Lampe Gras Sconce, Station Alarm Clock, Granit Teapot and Cup

Marcus Hay founded his design-based studio in 2012, and serves a variety of clients in style direction, interior planning, events, color theory and branding. Based in Manhattan, his company is a go-to resource for clients looking for that extra edge. Learn more about his work at studiomarcushay.com.