Real vs. fake: Trubridge wins battle against knockoff lamp

David Trubridge Ltd. has won a battle in the war on knockoff products. The company announced on its website Sept. 16 that retailer Domayne has agreed to stop selling a knockoff of Trubridge’s Coral Pendant Lamp, acknowledging “its commitment to innovative design.”

Trubridge Ltd. is the New Zealand company started by David Trubridge, an architect with a zealous commitment to environmentally sound products, to authentic design and to all things relating to the sea, for which he and his family have a deep love.

In taking on Domayne, an Australian seller of home goods, Trubridge ordered a knockoff Coral lamp and compared it to the real deal, step by step and side by side, from unpacking to assembly.

The exercise, posted in July and reproduced here with permission, is enlightening and may make you an enthusiastic fan of Trubridge, if you weren’t already. It may also inspire thoughts on the value of investing in genuine products and the designers behind them.

Trubridge Ltd. published today’s announcement under the headline “Some Good News.”