Highlights from Design Week: A Few Good Things

The “wow” of this year’s WantedDesign show was A Few Good Things: New Designs from Norway, curated by Metropolis magazine’s editorial director Paul Makovsky. This thoughtful presentation was framed by the idea that our lives are overcrowded with “things.” In place of meaningless clutter, Makovsky proposes that we need fewer but better objects in our daily lives. To give us an idea of what that life might feel like, he selected prototypes and products by 10 Norwegian design studios. A mix of emerging and established designers, all of them “place sustainability at the heart of their practice, creating long-lasting works with an emphasis on functionality and clean, simple lines,” says Makovsky.

Judging by the crowd of people around A Few Good Things, I think Makovsky is onto something.

ZET_A Few Good Things_Fimbul_Canary Brush_photo by Johan Holmquist_01
The Canary Wharf Brush by Fimbul design studio.
ZET_A Few Good Things_Sverre Uhnger_Fold Glass_01(1)
Fold Glassware by Sverre Uhnger.
ZET_A-Few-Good-Things_Anderssen&Voll_Røros Tweed_02
Una Blankets produced by Anderssen & Voll in collaboration with textile company Røros Tweed.
ZET_A-Few-Good-Things_Andreas Bergsaker_Piedistallo_Siren Lauvdal_01
Piedistallo by Andreas Bergsaker.
ZET_A-Few-Good-Things_KristineFiveMalvær_Vava Stool_01
Vava Stool by Kristine Five Melvaer.
ZET_A-Few-Good-Things_noidoi_Tube candleholder_photo by noidoi_01
Tube Candleholder by noidoi.
Sara Skotte, keramikkdesigner, fotograf Anne Bråtveit
Vei porcelain tableware by Sara Skotte.
ZET_A-Few-Good-Things_Lars Beller Fjetland_Monstera_photo by Sjur Pollen_07
Monstera cutlery by Lars Beller Fjetland, produced in collaboration with Norway’s oldest silverware producer Theodor Olsen Sølvvareverksted.
ZET_A-Few-Good-Things_Runa Klock_Core Lamp_01
Core Lamp by Runa Klock, produced in collaboration with Danish brand New Works.