New exhibitions present a fresh focus on women designers

Hillary Petrie, Crystal Ellis and Stephanie Beamer of Egg Collective. Photo by Hatnim Lee.

Women designers in New York and elsewhere are enjoying new attention, owing in part to a rising celebration of their contributions to the field but also by attempts to right the ship that is undisputedly tilted toward men.

An article in Dezeen magazine highlights two exhibitions on in May in New York, while discussing more broadly the rise of all-female design shows and what is prompting it (citing the inauguration of Donald Trump and a new emboldenment fueled by the resistance movement and marches that have been largely led by women).

One exhibition, Designing Women, curated by Egg Collective, features 15 designers based in New York. (Egg Collective, based in Brooklyn, is the designer of DWR’s Morrison Collection and Harvey Mirror.)

A second show, at Chamber gallery in NYC’s Chelsea, also features entirely women designers.

Curator Matylda Krzykowski told Dezeen she has had plenty of women in other of her shows. “But it’s different if you put them all together.”

Designing Women is on through May 26 at Egg Collective’s showroom at 304 Hudson St. in New York.

Room With Its Own Rules is on at Chamber through July 15.

From Designing Women, a show of design all by women. The show benefits a girls charity. Photo by Dezeen magazine.
  • Wonderful read. Love coming across pieces like this. Incredible talent showcased. Looking forward to more focus pieces like this.

  • David_Ewing

    This is of particular interest, since I received “The Living Room Sale” catalogue, and there’s not a single woman designer represented in it.